宙ホステル 電車
宙ホステル 電車 宙ホステル 電車 Amazing Train view Guesthouse! Sora hostel
We offer you relieved private space at a reasonable price

In addition to the dormitory plan, there is also a floor occupation plan. By the floor occupation plan, you can occupy a room in eight or less.
Please use it for the groups such as a family, friends, off-line meeting, a camp, the training.

All the staff can speak English! A travel agency is managing, so English is understood certainly. Please also leave sightseeing information.

It is 1-2 minutes on foot from the nearest station (Nishikujo). Osaka Station, Universal City station, Kobe, Namba, Nara also good of a single access!


支配人:くにい 自己紹介:宙ホステルと鉄道を愛してやまない旅好き宿主。ド迫力トレインビューゲストハウス「宙ホステル」の魅力を多くの同志に布教するため、日々精進を続ける。 リーズナブルな価格で安心のプライベート空間をご提供します。

CHECK-IN TIME16:00~22:00
(If you come late, please call.)

Wi-Fi connection free There is a shower room

Early check in(before 4pm) or late check in(after 10pm) costs extra 1,000yen per hour. But in the case you arrive until 11:30pm, it costs 500yen per 30mins.
◆Dormitory fee◆
usually 2,700 yen / 1 bed
3rd floor 8 beds, 4th floor 8 beds
Private box equipped
Shampoo, body soap in shower room
Hair dryers
Towel is sold.
Washing and drying machine on the 3rd floor. 100 yen / hour fee use.
Available hours 9:00 - 18:00
Sora Hostel
Hostel appearance
3rd floor room
4th floor room
Bed with shading curtain
(3rd floor, 4th floor)
Private box
Shower room
Laundry and kitchen
Shared space
(3rd floor)
Coffee, tea
Shared space
(3rd floor)
Shared space
(4th floor)
Excellent access to Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, USJ

The nearest station of Sora Hostel is Nishikujo. 2-minute walk from the JR Nishikujo station. 1-minute walk from the Hanshin Nishikujo station.

To OsakaStation 5 minutes by JR (JR Nishikujo Station - Osaka Station)

To NambaStation 8 minutes by Hanshin Line (Hanshin Nishikujo Station - Namba Station)

To Kyoto 41 minutes by JR (JR Nishikujo Station - Kyoto Station)

To Nara 45 minutes by JR (JR Nishikujo Station - JR Nara Station) 45 minutes by Hanshin Line (Hanshin Nishikujo Station - Kintetsu Nara Station)

To Kobe 38 minutes by JR (JR Nishikujo Station - JR Sannomiya Station) 38 minutes by Hanshin Line (Hanshin Nishikujo Station - Hanshin Sannomiya Station)

8 minutes to Universal Studios Japan ◆A 3-minute walk from getting off at JR Yumesaki Line "Universal City" station

Sora Hostel is so convenient!
Universal Studios Japan Dotonbori Hanging Garden Osaka Castle National Bunraku Theatre
Is even one woman all right?
A.There is preparation of an expensive bed in private room space, so please be relieved. In addition, the neighborhood is safe and installs a security camera about sharing space in the guest house.
Can a child stay overnight?
A.I'm sorry, but I'm declining use of less than 12-year-old child except for a charter plan by our guest house.
Is the identification of social position necessary?
A.We ask for the presentation of the identification of social position (including a driver's license, the passport) for all visitors in our guest house.
Are there things that we have to take?
A.There are no towel, bath towel, toothbrush and pajamas.
But, a face towel, a toothbrush and an ear plug are being sold.
Prepared one is the following.
Rinse in shampoo
Body soap
Hand soap
Is there a parking lot?
A.There are not a parking lot, the bicycle parking lot. Please use coin parkings nearby.
Can I smoke?
A.All our guest house inside of the building is no smoking.
Can the number of floors and a bed be designated?
A.We'll designate the number of floors, but a bed is in the order of arrival.
Do you have a curfew?
A.As long as it is after check-in, there is no curfew. Share space will go off in 24 hours.
Is the Internet usable?
A.You can use a Wi-Fi in all places in our guest house.
Is there a bath?
A.The shower is installed in each floor for 24 hours, but there are no bathtubs. We are guiding you a public bath around here and a hot spring.
Is there a hair dryer?
A.Each one is established on each floor.
Is there the place where I can do shopping near?
A.There are a supermarket and a convenience store in the neighborhood.
Can I eat and drink?
A.It's possible only at sharing space. There is a bar on the lower floor, and they have a guest limitation discount.
Can I be accompanied by a pet?
A.Please refrain from a stay by pet accompanying.
Is there the power supply outlet?
A.Two outlets are established in each bed. Additionally it's also in sharing space.
Could you keep the valuables?
A.Please manage the valuables by yourself. Some of the bet has been equipped with a drawer with a key, but it is not a safety box. Please carry valuables by yourself.
Is there a washing machine?
A.There are a coin-type washing machine, dryer. It is available for 100 yen in one hour.
Is there a microwave oven?
A.There is the microwave oven. In addition, there are a refrigerator and an electronic kettle. Please use it freely.
Do you have air conditioning and heating?
A.There is the air-conditioning. Because it operates in auto for 24 hours, I cannot cope with individual requests. Thank you for your understanding.
Do you have a TV?
A.There is a television in sharing space on the 3rd floor.
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